Reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders

MSDs represent a cost for your company and they harm your employees'health.

Invest in MSDs prevention in order to reduce sick leaves and provide a better quality of life at

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MSD's represent yearly


days away from work


euros cost for each case of MSDs


direct costs for companies


Why should I offer my employees a way to fight against MSDs?

MSDs represent 9 out of 10 occupational diseases every year.

For companies of over 150 employees, the insurance rates directly depend on the number of claims filed by the company. While direct costs for MSDs are already very important, the impact of indirect costs have to be
multiplied by three.

Employers, it is in your highest interest to reduce your exposure to MSDs.

The only e-health platform that treats musculo-skeletal conditions and diseases.

Despite prevention actions, gesture and posture tutoring or improvements in ergonomy, your
workers keep complaining about aches?

Give them access to a new way to reduce MSDs :


Available for all

Whether your employees are on different sites, on the road or teleworking, Axomove is accessible from anywhere, at any time

Easy to use

The Axomove app is highlyergonomic and can be used on any medium : smartphone, tablet, computer

One-to-one for each employee

As each situation is different, an individual support is required to optimize the results

1 minute to discover the concept

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A well-tried and scientifically approved solution

You have second thoughts about the relevance and real efficiency of some of the prevention
schemes you have already implemented?

Your budget is tight and you wish for a long term solution with a real return on your

Being the result of two years of research and development, Axomove has relied on renowned
medical institutions such as "Le Centre de l'Espoir de Lille" (a functional rehab centre) to bring
proof of its efficiency

Access to the study


A unique method based on the alliance of digital and medical in the service of the health of yourworkforce

You have already implemented physical health prevention actions, maybe even collective warming up sessions or training sessions about the Prevention of Risks Linked to Physical

The problem many people in charge with prevention have to face, is to keep it running in the long term and keep the motivation of the workers. Once the novelty has worn off, these actions are often abandoned.

With Axomove, the response to these issues holds in 4 words :

We provide a contact between your workers and physiotherapists specially trained for work-induced MSDs.

The content available on the app has been rigorously selected by our medical staff for its scientific value: postural tips on video, articles for a better understanding of MSDs, quizzes, sessions of therapeutic exercises.

To be efficient, the treatment has to be run on a long-term basis and be monitored.

For these reasons, your workers will be followed very regularly for several months, thanks to physios available by appointment, through teleconsulting and/or live chat.

Very often associated with the working world, MSDs don't disappear when stepping out of your

An application like Axomove makes the service available anywhere, at any time and on any medium. Thanks to digital, each worker is also provided with personalized physical exercises programmes supported by a smart system of video coaching.

The personal data of your co-workers is stored in France by health data hosting and is in conformity with GDPR.

Physiotherapists being submitted to medical confidentiality, communications with the workers are encrypted and employers have no access to nominal personal information. The only information transmitted is aggregated and anonymized


Today, Axomove is


people monitored from a distance


Videos of therapeutic exercises prescribed


% satisfaction rate


% drop in pain level after using our service

You are in good hands

You are well aware that the key to success for such projects is to get the approval of your
teams. It would be known if it was enough to just send an e-mail to your co-workers to change
their behaviour.

That's why we give you support to prepare the setting up of the platform and to
ensure the follow-up of its use.

A test before deploying

Setting up of a pilot test on a limited length of time and/or on a restraint number of co-workers

Measurable actions

Provision of aggregated and anonymized activity reports

Flexible pricing

Billing either by subscriptionor as-you-use-the-service, according to budgetary constraints

Deployement support

Organization of remote awareness-raising sessions and distribution of an internal communication kit to encourage employees to use the service

Easy deployment without equipment

Workers can get access to the service from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) at work as well as at home. No equipment required for the practice of the exercises

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