Rehabilitate and monitor your patients more efficienciently

Offer the best possible treatment to your patients despite the shortage of rehabilitative practioners. Make sure your patients carry on with their treatment once at home to prevent relapse and degradation of their physical condition.

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Patients better taken care of

More than 3,000 physiotherapist positions are currently vacant in rehab centres. It is even estimated that this number could reach up to 6,000 in 2023. Axomove enables the patient to become autonomous in the practice of his exercises and the rehab team to focus principally on operations with high added value.

Once the patient is back home, the platform enables to carry on with what has been learned in the centre and to monitor him from a distance thanks to teleconsultation, messaging and also measurement of pain level, difficulty and observance of exercises.

No more updating of your therapeutic paper booklets. Share your own content and your exercises easily thanks to Axomove and also take advantage of our wide catalogue of exercises, model programmes and FTE content.


Savings for your establishment

With more than 35 million days of hospitalization every year, around 1 million patients are treated for follow-up and rehabilitaion care. These supports are among the longest of all hospital specialities as a patient treated in follow-up and rehab stays in the service for an average of 35 days.

One way to reduce the hospital stay is to allow the patient to go back home earlier and in the best conditions. That is where telerehabilitation comes in and ensures a one-to-one follow up of the patient to encourage self-rehabilitation from a distance thanks to teleconsulting, messaging and video therapeutic coaching on offer with Axomove.

This way, the practitioner keeps close contact with the patient, even remotely. And the patient  feels safe when he returns home.


Many healthcare centres and more particularly rehab centres have put in place actions to  make their patients actors of their care: therapeutic educational workshops, booklets with exercises...

The difficulty is to make these actions last in the long term and to get the patients to be more involved in their rehabilitation.

Axomove has an answer to this issue by offering an e-health solution that is easy to use for patients of any age and that also provides personalized content that encourages the patient to be more self-sufficient and observant in his everyday life.

An e-health platform available at any moment and from anywhere for practitioners and patients allows for a better organization of care within the institution.

In the case full or day hospitalization, Axomove can be used autonomously by the patients, on the technical platform, and therefore reduces some of the burden of exercise supervision by the rehabilitators.

Axomove also allows to cope with the organizational constraints imposed by the health crisis related to Covid-19. For example,for their chronic patients in day hospital, our current customers are now organizing part of the consultation by telecare with a prescription of exercise programmes.


Testimonials from user practitioners

analysis-and-pilot-study-low back pain

Scientific study

in a partnership with the "Centre de l'Espoir"

Read about the conclusions of the pilot study carried out in a partnership with the "Centre de l'Espoir" of Lille, on the the motivation of patients with backache to carry out their rehab exercises autonomously instead of with their ususal paper form support.

Access to the study

HDS / GRPD certificate

Security, protection of your and your patients'data are very important.

With Axomove, you are guaranteed to benefit from a solution that is 100% conform to GDRP and hosted as Personal Health Data on servers in France.

Certification HDS et RGPD


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