A mission with impact

Offering an effective solution to the treatment of pain and musculo-skeletal conditions by joint use of human care and digital power. Ailing or sick people must become actors in their own health by being encouraged and motivated to take care of themselves.And this is where we come in. Our digital solution and our technology enable us to encourage, motivate and provide autonomy in this process.

Axomove rests on three pillars



A support with a personal touch

For, it is essentiel to adapt to each person and each situation.

Better knowledge

It allows a better understanding of one's pathology, one's pains, their origins and what has to be done to feel better.

An accessible expertise

With physiotherapists and known healthcare professionals who provide assessment and follow-up for each individual.

Our founding team


Company director


Commercial director


Scientific director - physiotherapist


Technical director


Our origins

Axomove was born from the will of its two co-founders, Pierre-Yves Carlier, a physiotherapist and Boris Leveque, a former professional handball player accustomed to physio practices and rehab centres.

Their aim: providing a better follow-up for patients and a better adherence to rehab exercises thanks to the possibilities offered by digital. Axomove then came into being after the integration of two more associates, Clément Morel and Alexandre Morel.


Initially created to be used in physio practices, Axomove later developed within rehab centres and then within companies for finally becoming a  true e-health platform of tele-rehabilitation and tele-prevention.

Launched in 2017,our offices are based in Lille withih the "Pôle d'excellence Eurasanté" (Centre of excellence Eurasanté)


Our view

Musculo-skeletal conditions and physical pains are a worldwide plague. They have an impact on the quality of life of the people affected and generate astronomical costs for companies.

We believe in an alternative solution to drugs and surgery that is healthier and more sustainable.

Recent scientific studies have not only shown the limits of these kinds of treatments, but also proven that movement, educational  therapy and support by a healthcare professional  were the most effective means in the struggle against pain.

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