A new way into rehabilitating your patients

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A digital solution in your hands

Axomove is a digital platform that revolutionizes physical and functional rehabilitation.

Our technology is at the service of an improved a better quality of care thanks to:

Make an appointment and consult your patients at a distance by means of secure video interface, together with chat and remote camera.

Chat at a distance and give advice to your patients thanks to fully secure messaging.

No more updating of your therapeutic patient education booklets! Share 3D anatomy videos, articles, quizzes or your own educational content easily downloadable.

Set up and prescribe programmes of rehabilitating video exercises and follow their observance.

Customize your care thanks to

An access to an extensive catalogue of exercises
  • A catalogue of more than 1,000 exercises constantly updated, classified according to speciality: traumatology, geriatrics, neurology, post-partum, amputees.
Parameterized programmes of exercises

Precise parameterization (repetitions, series, rest times) and exercises with instructions to allow your patients to execute the right movement.

The sharing of our own exercices

You may download and then easily share your own exercises by filming yourself or your patient thanks to your smartphone or your tablet.


A tried and tested solution

Initially, our platform was widely adopted by private physicians and their patients.



Since then, we have won over other types of users, in particular from multidisciplinary care teams in functional reeducation centres, in post rehabilitation care centres as well as in hospitals

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Today, Axomove is :


People monitored from a distance


Videos of therapeutic exercises prescribed


% satisfaction rate


% drop in pain level after using our service

Caring well for patients is not always obvious

Poor compliance with exercises, no follow up between sessions, lack of patient's autonomy....


Patient's autonomy

Our unique algorithm of video programmes allows a faithful reproduction of your exercise settings, with oral instructions.

Your patients will therefore benefit from a real personalized tutorial with their rehab exercises.


More commitment

The video data format, the possibility of following their evolution, the notifications, make it possible to get your patients more involved in and motivated about their rehabilition.

And we have demonstrated this scientifically ...


Remote monitoring

Your patients are not able to come to you or you are not able to receive them? Consult and follow them at a distance thanks to video teleconsultation and messaging.


Patient's education

Your patient has finished his reeducation or carries it on at home? Make him become autonomous thanks to the exercises but also the therapeutic educational content, easily updated thanks to digital.

HDS / GDRP compliance

Security, protection of your and your patients'data are very important.

With Axomove, you are guaranteed to benefit from a solution that is 100% conform to GDRP and hosted as Personal Health Data on servers in France.

Certification HDS et RGPD