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1 person out of 2 today suffers from physical pain. This problem also touches young people with about 1 person out of 3 affected among people aged 18-24, says an ISERM study. (National institude of health and medical research)

This study also estimates that 12 million French people suffer from musculo-skeletal conditions, also called rheumatism, with 9 million only for arthritis. 80% people will one day be affected by low back pain.

Be reassured, Axomove will enable you to act on most of these pains :


Acute and chronic pains

Lumbar, cervical, arthrosis, carpaltunnel, rotator cuff ...Axomove helps to relieve most of your joint and muscular pains in a healthy and sustainable way.

Injuries or surgery

Sprains, hip or kneeprothesis, ligamentoplasties... your motivation to getback to a normal life is increased tenfold thanks to using our platform.

Chronic and/or neurological conditions

Lowback pain, neck pain, Parkinson, hemiplegia ... you are better supported and monitored whether in a care facility or at home.

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A unique health application

Your pains prevent you from leading a normal life. In addition to being a handicap in your everyday life, they also affect your mental and may even lead to breakdown. Recent testimonies and scientific studies have shown that usual treatments such as medication or surgery bring little or even no efficiency.

At Axomove, we believe in alternative, healthy and long-lasting treatment resting on 4 pillars:

We provide a contact between your workers and physiotherapists specially trained for work-
induced MSDs.

The content available on the app has been rigorously selected by our medical staff for its
scientific value: postural tips on video, articles for a better understanding of MSDs, quizzes,
sessions of therapeutic exercises.

To be efficient, the treatment has to be run on a long-term basis and be monitored.

For these reasons, your workers will be followed very regularly for several months, thanks to
physios available by appointment, through teleconsulting and/or live chat.

Very often associated with the working world, MSDs don't disappear when stepping out of your

An application like Axomove makes the service available anywhere, at any time and on any
medium. Thanks to digital, each worker is also provided with personalized physical exercises
programmes supported by a smart system of video coaching.

The personal data of your co-workers is stored in France by health data hosting and is inconformity with GDPR.Physiotherapists being submitted to medical confidentiality, communications with the workersare encrypted and employers have no access to nominal personal information. The onlyinformation transmitted is aggregated and anonymized

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