A new way into preventing and re-habilitating

With Axomove, one-to-one and from a distance care of physical health problems is actually happening.

By way of a unique e-health app, get access to qualified healthcare professionals, physical exercises and various scientifically approved content.


One person out of two is affected by physical conditions

These conditions can be acute when due to a trauma or chronic, when due to identified affections. But more than often, muscle and joint aches are diffuse and can arise any time without warning: at work, at home, during sport practice...

If the causes of these physical conditions are multiple and sometimes difficult to figure out, responses such as medication and surgery also show their limits.


Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (MSDs)

Top 1 health concern with workforce

Backache itself is responsible for 20% of sickleaves, representing 12 million workdays lost every year for companies.

In twenty years time, despite preventive and ergonomic schemes put in action, MSDs have skyrocketed by 60%, now representing as much as 9 work-related conditions out of 10.

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Millions of patients in rehabilitation

To take on these patients, functional and physiotherapy centres are faced with a shortage of thousands of salaried physiotherapists, together with hospital stays amongst the longest existing in hospital care.

Physiotherapists in private practices also have to take charge of an increasing number of people, with a consequence of less time and investment for their patients and their patients'pathologies.

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Digital reaching out to people

The heart of our method is to make available professional healthcare staff with up to date knowledge on physical medicine.

The role of the digital platform is to provide a link between between patients and caregivers by:

- making communication easy
- giving a one-to-one physical training
- making people be actors of their health prevention or rehab
- making therapeutic prevention a priority

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Move yourself to health

Often unknown, but more efficient than drugs or surgery, the benefits of therapeutical physical exercises are scientifically proved.

This is not about sport practice, but movements that can be achieved anywhere, anytime, without gear or specific clothing.

However, it is not always easy to get motivated and to know what exercises to perform. "I don't have time..." , "This is not the right time.."
And meanwhile the pain lingers or gets worse.

For all these reasons, Axomove has developped a unique technology that gives access to a true video coach with a personal touch, who will follow you step by step in the carrying out of your exercises.


The physiotherapist, the best healthcare professionnal to help you

A physiotherapist is someone who cures and prevents injuries through movement.

Physios are healthcare professionals whose missions, as defined by public healthcare codes, are to promote health and prevention as well as diagnosis and treatment.

Axomove facilitates access to physiotherapists' expertising and skills , from anywhere, at any time. Have check ups done and get individual support from a distance thanks to healthcare professionals available by videoconference and by secured messaging.